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Most frequently asked questions and important notes regarding refillable phone cards.

• What refillable phone cards are offered on this website?
-There are four refillable phone cards on this website:
"Mozart Cards ", "Express Cards "and "Jupiters Card " and "Champion New Cards"
• Note: For one account/email You can get not more than one PIN number for "Mozart Card", one PIN for "Express Card", one PIN for "Jupiter Card", or one PIN for "Champion New Card" phone card. If You already have one refillable PIN and try to buy another one (buying the same phone card on the same email address), this transaction will be considered as a refill for your previously received PIN number.

• What if I need to get more than one refillable PIN of the same phone card (for the same email address)?
-You have to register a new email address in our system (creating one more account); after finishing the registration process You will be able to buy one more set of refillable phone cards. The system will consider You as a new member, and You will receive new PIN(s) to your new email address.

• How many phone numbers I can register for each refillable phone card?

"Mozart" – You can register up to 5 different phone numbers;
"Express" – You can register up to 10 different phone numbers;
"Jupiter" - You can register 1 phone number;
"Champion New" - You can register up to 10 different phone numbers.

• What if I want to change my registered phone number?
-Go to "My Account" » "Permanent PIN(s) » Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers » Press "Remove" button » enter the number You want to remove.
-This option is not available for "Jupiter" phone card.

• How do I register new phone numbers for my refillable phone card?
-Go to "My Account" » "Permanent PIN(s)" » Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers » Enter a new number You want to register » Press "Add number" button.
• Is it possible to register the same phone number for more that one refillable phone card (with the same name)?
-If more than one person wants to use the same phone number as registered phone number, they should get different refillable phone cards- never with the same name.
But if You and your family, or friends still want to use more than one refillable phone card (with the same name and different PINs) calling from the same phone, this phone number shouldn’t be registered with any of these cards.

• How do I refill my Permanent PIN?
-To refill your Permanent PIN find a proper refillable phone card, select amount You wish to add and press the button "Buy or Refill"; or alternatively: login into "My Account" -> "My Permanent PIN(s)" -> select phone card and amount You wish to add and press the button "Refill".
-Call us during our business hours and we will refill your card’s balance for You.
• Note: Each time You refill a phone card with Permanent PIN you add funds to your previously received PIN.
• What if I forgot the 4-digit password for my "Jupiter" phone card?
-Got to "My Account" » Permanent PINs » Change Password » enter new password and press "Setup New Password" button. You can enter any four digits number.
•Charges and Minutes on phone card.
- Choosing a phone card it is very important to pay attention to card’s details, that have full information regarding charges applied for a particular phone card.

>> Here are the main charges that may be applied for prepaid phone cards:
• Connection Fee.
It applies each time when a phone call is connected. The charge varies depending on destination number You are calling.
• Tax.
It’s usually deducted from Your phone card balance for each phone call made. It varies from 0 to 25%; on our website it varies from 0 to 15%. For example, if the rate is 5 ¢/min and tax is 10%, for 20 minutes phone call your card’s balance will be reduced for $1.10.
• Maintenance Fee.
Maintenance fee will be deducted from your phone card if there is still enough balance. It won't be charged on your credit card. Phone card provider will start to charge a maintenance fee within 24 hours after the first phone call is finished. It value varies, on our website it’s not higher than 69 cents. The maintenance fee can be charged every month, every two weeks, or every week.
• Rounding/Increment.
This is the basic unit for phone call duration calculation. Our prepaid phone cards can be rounded to 1 second, 30 seconds, one, two or three minutes.
Please consider the table below as an example of calculating phone call minutes to be charged depending on rounding.

• Pay-Phone Surcharge.
Prepaid phone cards provide the most convenience when you want to make cheap phone calls anywhere, but there is usually a surcharge between $0.30 up to $0.69 per call when You use a public pay-phone.

>> How many minutes are on my card, and how can I check the balance on my card?

-Our phone cards are dollars/cents based. The number of minutes depends on rate applied for the destination You call. You'll be informed how many minutes You have on your card, after a destination number is entered; with some cards You'll be notified about your balance after the PIN is entered.

• Finding the best rate.
First of all, select what countries You want to call FROM and TO. If You are calling to a cellular phone, choose the country You want to call TO, press "Search" button. You will see the search results for that particular country for calling to a landline phone, please click on "Details" for cellular phone rates.
The lowest rates are shown on the top of page. Each card displays the amount of minutes available for different card’s nominations.
Note: Cell phone rates are usually much higher than landline phone rates for the same country.
Cell phone rates may be not listed for some destinations. If You still would like to know the rate that is not listed, please contact us and we will provide the rate information or the number where You can find out this information.

• Finding the right phone card.
To find the best phone card for You we recommend you to undertake the following steps:
• Find the best rates for the country You want to call TO, taking into consideration whether You are calling landline phone or cellular phone (see "Finding the best rate").

• Considering Your most frequently used calling pattern, choose a card with the most appropriate features – card with the lowest rate is not always the best for You!
* If You mostly have short conversation phone calls, or you are not sure the person you are calling is there, and the phone call may trigger an answer machine:
– Make sure the card You are buying doesn’t have connection fee. The best way to evaluate whether a cheaper phone card with connection fee is worthwhile or not is to estimate the average time for your phone calls. If you make 15 minutes calls, a card for 3 cents/min with $1.00 connection fee is actually more expensive than a card for 7 cents/min with no connection fee. A phone card with high connection fee is good for the case when you know your party is there and you intend to talk for a long time.
– Choose phone card with rounding not more than 1 minute.
* If You are planning to use your card not very often, and would like to keep it for 2-4 months:
– Make sure the card You are buying has low maintenance fee or doesn’t have it at all.
– Pay attention to card’s validity period.
* If You are calling using a payphone:
– Choose the phone card with low payphone surcharge.

• To find the most appropriate phone card for calling different destinations:
– Considering your calling pattern, find the most appropriate phone cards for each destination.
– Use "Compare Cards" option to compare the cards according to their features and rates offered for different destinations, and choose the best for yourself. For examle "Call USA - Russia".
– Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy two different phone cards, for calling two different destinations, rather than buying one phone card that has low rate for one destination, but comparatively high rate for another destination.
Note: Before You buy a phone card, make sure You read card’s details, especially purchasing a card with an extremely low rate!

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